Run BeCAUSE began in 2015 as a group of 10 high school athletes and friends with a passion for giving back to their community. Now in its fourth year, Run BeCAUSE consists of 21 members, and hopes to continue expanding its community outreach to a new group of high school students in the future. Run BeCAUSE is a charity run featuring a mile-long race benefiting Family Focus, who has proudly agreed to be the beneficiary for this year's fourth annual run. Run BeCAUSE hopes to unite everyone under the values of team spirit, friendship and generosity. Moreover, the Run BeCAUSE Committee aspires to motivate young athletes to grow up conscious of the importance and impact of giving back.

Our Founding Committee 

Rhonda Holcomb Photography

The Run BeCAUSE 2019 Committee


Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for different causes that we and our participants feel are important. One hundred percent of our proceeds go toward charity and our members are dedicated to our causes. We hope to provide an enjoyable race for our community where the runners feel good both physically and emotionally. Our organization is called Run BeCAUSE, as we hope to give both experienced and new runners a reason to do what they do. We want to give them a "because"! We intend to continue this run for many years to come, passing it down to younger students and athletes who want to channel their passion for running and their community.

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