Family Focus is a local foundation based in Chicago IL, with locations spanning the Chicago area. In 2019, 100% of the proceeds of Run BeCAUSE will be donated to the Evanston chapter of Family Focus which has shown dedication towards promoting the well-being of children and unmatched generosity towards the Evanston community.  


 As stated in Family Focus's mission statement, "Family Focus supports children and youth ages 6-18 through enhanced educational opportunities programs to explore science, technology, engineering and math, as well as sports and cultural activities that encourage healthy development, self-confidence and the ability to create positive relationships." With the help of wonderful teachers and guides, kids who go to Family Focus are provided with opportunities to learn and grow that they never would have had before.

Family Focus strives to meet these goals through five various programs: The Family Advocate Center (FAC), Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Fatherhood Initiative, Parents as Teachers and an After-School Program. 

The Family Advocate Center, funded by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), provides support for families involved in the DCFS and for families who are not involved but live in the community. The array of services that the Family advocate center offers includes parenting classes, supervised visits, community resources, court advocacy, home visits and family support.  

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is a program through Family Focus that lends a helping hand to grandparents who are responsible for raising their grandchildren. Monthly education and support groups are offered as a resource to those who fill these challenging roles. 

Fatherhood Initiative is another program that Family Focus offers that provides support to new fathers, teen fathers, uncles and grandfathers in building positive relationships with their children. The services include: parenting skills, child support information, job referrals and male-female relationships. 

Parents as Teachers serves as a program to positively impact child development and nurture healthy parent-child relationships. This program focuses on helping children from birth to age three through services such as developmental screenings, home visits, parent cafés and playgroups. 

For older kids, specifically those in third through eighth grade, Family Focus's After School Program is especially impactful. The After School Program provides students with homework assistance, academic support, tutoring, youth group discussions, drug awareness education, character development, and life skills training. 


Many Run BeCAUSE members who have visited the Family Focus facilities rave about their experiences. Inspired by the kids and teachers, it seemed obvious to the committee that Family Focus should be Run BeCAUSE's next cause!  By teaming up with Family Focus, the Run BeCAUSE committee hopes to make a stronger impact on our community's disadvantaged youth. With our communities generosity, and ambition, together we can make a huge impact.